Organizational Background
Guangzhou Asian Merchants Benevolence Promotion Association is a charitable organization registered and established by Guangzhou Civil Affairs Bureau according to law. It is one of the member units of "Guangzhou Cilian".

Guangzhou Asian Business Goodwill Promotion Association is a charitable organization founded by a group of business school students and entrepreneurs in the Asia-Pacific region. I hope to gather the strength of the masses, integrate the traditional Chinese culture, environmental protection, self-protection, outdoor sports and other theories and forms, disseminate the concept of "self-cultivation, and the world" and build a curriculum system for teenagers'quality development; devote ourselves to teenagers' growth, especially to the growth and happy life of Left-behind children; and advocate "internal virtue and good education" for teenagers. Through self-struggle, we can change our destiny and achieve a life of value to family, society and country. At the same time, we will also pay attention to the inheritance and development of traditional Chinese crafts.

We look forward to more people with lofty ideals joining the Asian businessmen'family of benevolent actors and joining them in mountainous areas, communities, schools and enterprises to realize the concept of "educating virtues within, practicing wisdom outside" in various forms and channels.


We practice the vision of “teach people to fish” education concept, and join hands with business school students and entrepreneurs in the Asia-Pacific region to promote good deeds!


Committed to youth growth and quality education, traditional Chinese culture and traditional craft heritage, health sports and environmental protection, assistant teaching public welfare undertakings.


The footsteps of the Asian merchants will not only go all over the land of China, but will also go along the “one belt and one road” to spread the love of the Chinese nation to the world.