A Brief Introduction to the Course System of Asian Merchants'Good Practice Promoting Quality Education

The quality education of Asian businessmen’s good deeds focuses on the curriculum system of teenagers’cognition, self-cultivation, outdoor, values, wisdom and so on, and plans to set up several education modules. Each module is divided into specific core curriculum design. The members of the teaching and research group of Asian businessmen are composed of the elites with rich experience in educational psychology, management training, outdoor development and so on. They are mostly volunteers who are enthusiastic about public welfare. Currently, courses that can be taught include time management course, voice enlightenment course, wealth management course, and 5S management course will also be completed. It is expected that a lecturable course will be completed by the end of 2019 and a lecturable course will be completed by 2020.

Objectives of curriculum implementation: As a supplement to basic compulsory education in China, public welfare classes are devoted to helping children and adolescents find their own direction of life through various enlightenments and guidance, with a self-reliant attitude towards life, and to cultivating the next generation with broad mind, innovative thinking ability and the unity of knowledge and practice.